Monday, August 18, 2008

Best Laid Plans

So I had planned to stitch the hours away watching the Olympics. I do believe since the Olympics began I have put in about ten stitches.

What happens to my day? I realize that I have been in a cleaning frenzy lately. Of course my hosue looks worse now than it did before I started cleaning as there are piles of stuff to keep, to toss out, to give to Goodwill, well basically the clutter has shifted a little, so my house is still a wreck. But the old me would just sit and stitch and you know ignore the other stuff. These days I'm overcome with a sense of guilt about the piles. Not enough to do anything about them but enough to keep me from touching my needle.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that with the kids going back to school today I'll be able to stitch most of the day tomorrow and Wednesday, even if it's while sitting on top of piles of junk.

I need to stitch, I've kind of lost my mojo.

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