Friday, August 15, 2008

For the Olympic Stitching Challenge, I was stitching Random Thoughts but although I'm making progress, I'm enjoying it too much to want to stitch quickly and to a deadline, so I'm not pushing it.

Instead - and because I don't want to make errors when getting excited at British prospects in rowing, cycling and sailing - I've been hammering at my finishes.

Literally, in some cases - I've made my first floss tags! I got some rivets from my favourite haberdasher - they are 4mm - and in my tool kit was the perfect 'bodger' for that diameter, so I didn't need to make a slit, and it made the finish pretty neat - after I hammered the rivets in! I don't think I've ever that to be so violent with my needlework before... BTW the 'bodger' is a family name for a screwdriver like implement that is basically a pointed screwdriver - should I call it a stiletto?

I've also made a couple of mini pillows, and I'm just taking a break from stitching the backing onto My Favorite Things - which of course, I'm doing by hand, being averse to a sewing machine - and I wouldn't be able to hear the commentary over the noise, either!

I have picked fabrics for a whole slew of pinkeeps from my stash - I'm pleased with how many work well - not always perfectly, but near enough! I'm blessed that I have such resources. They are going to be my weekend projects, but right now I'm off to watch the streaming feed on my computer of the Team Cycling Pursuit - Team GB are in the Gold/Silver race off - Go Team GB!

edited to add:

**and we've done it!**Gold to GB!**

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